Topgrading Workshop – How to build a team of “A” Players

3-4 hours


Imagine a world where 60% to 80% of your team members are “A” players. These individuals live your values to the core, promote your culture and are immensely productive. If you had a cloning machine, you would use it to create an army of these incredible employees!


In this workshop, you will learn all of the tools necessary to make this vision a reality.

Through Topgrading and the Elevation “Talent Assessment” process, you will discover the following:

  • A proven process teaching you how to hire “A” Players
  • How to build effective Scorecards & implement them throughout your business
  • The benefits of creating a roadmap: “What Success Looks Like” framework
  • Creating the ultimate job description that “A” level candidates want to apply for
  • Learning how to filter resumes & interview with the right questions
  • Understanding the TORC (Threat of Reference Check) process
  • Including other key employees in the interview process
  • Assessing your team: ensuring all of your “A” players are in the right seats doing the right things
  • Implementing a systematic “Recognition” process that will greatly increase retention

Everything in your company will become easier when your team is full of “A” Players. And always remember, “A” Players will hire and find other “A” Players for you.

High Performance Mindset

3-4 hours


Recent studies confirmed that habits make up 45% of the actions we take every day. By setting the right habits and the right intentions, we can automatically default to spending (at least) 45% of our day on positioning us for success.


Do we have the right focus and energy? Are we doing everything in our power to avoid distractions? Have we set our vision for the future?


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to start your day with passion & purpose
  • The tools required to become hyper focused & effective in everything you do
  • How to find your “WHY”
  • A tested prioritization system to improve overall time management
  • The benefits of having an accountability partner
  • Building your OPPP: One-Page Personal Plan
  • How to leverage Visualization
  • How to map your time into 4 essential buckets: Family-Business-Personal-Community

Once you implement this framework in your daily life, results will come fast and furious. Expect to see significant differences in your mindset, productivity and relationships. Embrace change and be ready for the positive results.


“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed.” – Tony Robbins

Team Building – Understanding the Power of Personality Types

3-4 hours


57% of employees report not receiving clear directions by their leadership team on a regular basis – and over 69% of managers are not comfortable with communicating with employees in general. Often, getting through to the person staring at you is a matter of understanding their personality, their unique way of working, and how to effectively communicate with them.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover your own personality type through a TTI Talent Assessment
  • Understand your 12 Driving Forces & how to best utilize them
  • Work as a team to understand each other’s personality types & the absolute best ways to communicate
  • See how your teammates fit on the TTI graph & how this affects team performance
  • Work on ways to improve your communication & generate ideas for your teammates on the best way to work with you

This workshop helps teams see a clear improvement in communication and engagement. Expect increased productivity, higher retention rates, and improved management effectiveness once these tools are implemented and strategies are applied!

Leadership Lessons: From a National Championship to Building a World-Class Culture

3-4 hours


Great leaders inspire us every day. We find them everywhere: sports teams, companies, schools, our family. What makes these leaders so impactful? How are they able to motivate us and help us become better versions of ourselves while giving back to our community?


As a former Canadian Board Member and President of EO Montreal who spent years leading other leaders, and as an entrepreneur who built a world class company culture, I will share the secrets of how strong leadership can build an amazing place to work.


Learn the following:

  • What it takes to be a true leader
  • The secret to developing leaders around you
  • Understanding the leader’s mindset & embracing a culture that is WTF (Willing to Fail)
  • How to resolve situations of conflict
  • Staying calm & poised in the face of great adversity
  • Learning the difference between Managers & Leaders

Leadership is a non-negotiable for any organization to achieve success.

After this workshop, you will truly understand the most important leadership lessons and skills needed to thrive in the workplace and beyond.

The Art of Communication: How to speak with impact

3-4 hours


Effective communication is directly linked to business success. How we prepare for every type of presentation is crucial in getting our message heard by those around us. It is also the best way to share your unique voice, whether you lead a team of 1 or 1000.


In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to give an amazing presentation of any length
  • The best way to prepare for an important speaking opportunity
  • Using tone, body language & appearance to make a bigger impact
  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking
  • Understanding the concepts of Ethos – Pathos – Logos & how they apply to modern day communication

Everyone communicates every day; isn’t it crucial that we do it right? Effective communication is a skill that can (and will) transform the way you operate as an individual and as a team.

Scaling Up Workshop

4-8 hours


Picture this: your team is working harder than ever. Everyone is putting in effort – they even may seem to be trying too hard. But despite this, your business is mired in quicksand. Projects take longer to get going, decisions hang in limbo for too long, and even simple tasks bog people down. Ultimately, the bottom line starts to creep backwards…and you’re not sure why or how it’s happened.


From the hundreds of CEOs and leaders I’ve worked with over the past few years, one thing is clear: it is a real problem faced by real businesses everywhere, and it has very real consequences.


Business growth is a learnable, repeatable skillset that thousands of business leaders around the world have mastered. In this workshop, you’ll discover key Scaling Up principles, such as:

  • How to identify and set key initiatives that unlock growth, lay out the true priorities and accountabilities for your business, & remove roadblocks
  • A one-page, 3-year strategic plan that maps out what your business will do to build sustainable, long-term growth
  • The tough questions you & your executive team have to ask before doing anything else
  • Escaping the pull of working “in” your business so that you’re able to get more value from your time working “on” the business
  • How to attract, grow and retain a team of “A” players so you’ve got the right expertise & attitude powering your growth
  • What your business can do to generate extra cash to fuel your plans for growth, as well as easing financial stress that holds you back

Expect to leave the workshop with a new strategic plan and a path toward your new direction. Learn how to turn your plans into action: execution will drive your business’ new plan.


Scale Up your business – make it an amazing place to work that grows profitably.

Negotiation Workshop

3-4 hours


Did you know that over 57% of employees walk into a negotiation without any preparation whatsoever? The art of negotiation is a skill that can be learned – and it’s quickly becoming a “must-have” for every organization.


Whether your customers are internal or external, your teams are engaging in negotiations daily. This workshop will transform your perspective and ensure that your team walks away from challenging conversations with the outcomes the business needs.


You will learn:

  • Battle-tested methods for high-stakes negotiations
  • Important tactics such as “Mirroring,” “Tactical Empathy” & “Labeling”
  • How to use voice and tone to set the right atmosphere for discussion
  • Learning how to differentiate between the different types of “Yes” answers and mastering the dreaded “No”
  • Understanding how to bend reality
  • Setting “Anchors”
  • Understanding the difference between words, tone of voice & body language 
  • Bargaining hard & using the Ackerman model

Everything learned in this workshop is backed by scientific data on human biology, psychology and emotional intelligence. Transform your perspective, acquire tangible skills, and leave the negotiating table finally feeling confident!

Ready to Elevate?